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Service Offerings

Transformative Experiences For Alchemical Cultural Change™


We create and hold spaces for leaders who desire to redesign how we live, lead, and work.

Our dynamic team of outstanding facilitators, content developers, and executive leadership coaches offer an extensive suite of leadership development programs for leaders and staff members within social impact organizations, school districts, and foundations.


The thread that binds all of our alchemical spaces is…raising consciousness. Each container is safe enough for leaders to be vulnerable and rigorous enough for leaders to be called higher. Each leadership development experience invites leaders to both embody and operationalize the conditions, mindsets, habits, and practices necessary to ignite and sustain unprecedented outcomes for your school or organization.

Our Offerings for Organizations

The Liberatory Workplace 
Culture Series™️


L4L facilitates 8 Full Day Liberatory Leadership Institutes™️ for your executive leadership team and performance managers where leaders learn the mindsets, conditions, skills, and habits necessary to cultivate and sustain a liberatory workplace culture in which everyone thrives, innovates, and experiences belonging.

Executive Leadership Coaching


L4L coaches conduct 
one-on-one coaching sessions for executives and talent staff to support the application and operationalization of The Six Conditions For Liberatory Workplace Culture. 

Restorative Healing Circle Series™️


L4L offers a series of restorative sessions for your staff members that are experiencing acute workplace culture challenges in order to support leaders within organizations, school districts, and foundations to resolve long-standing harm, conflict, and/or drama that is preventing the staff members from working effectively together and the organization from effectively executing its mission. 

Train The Trainer (T3) Series™️


L4L facilitates 8 live sessions and offers 5 online modules for your leadership team to learn how how to “turn-key” liberatory workplace conditions for their teams through intentional facilitation and the Be Liberation Cycle. 


Our Cohort Experiences


School Leaders

For Liberation™️

School Leaders For Liberation is an innovative fellowship opportunity for school leaders from traditional public, charter, and private school districts who aspire to cultivate and sustain liberatory workplace and school cultures and reimagine how we measure and celebrate school and student success.


The Flow Fellowship™️

The Flow Fellowship is an innovative fellowship opportunity for leaders from various backgrounds, organizations, and sectors who aspire to live and work in a sustainable rhythm, through an abundant mindset, and within an interdependent community working toward emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.


The Conscious Executive™️

L4L guides performance managers in a cohort experience designed to develop the personal leadership skills and organizational systems necessary to better lead and manage across lines of difference and cultivate a liberatory workplace culture.


A Liberatory

L4L partners with transformative healers to host an annual restorative retreat designed to support executives to rest, regenerate, and strengthen their trust in their intuition.

Our One-Off Experiences


Regenerate: A Liberatory Summit

An annual summit intended to equip participants with the mindsets, conditions, and habits necessary to co-create a life and leadership vision and roadmap.


Liberatory Workplace 
Culture Workshops

Interactive workshops designed to offer you a bite-sized experience of a Liberatory Leadership Institute™️ where leaders learn about the 6 Conditions necessary for cultivating and sustaining a liberatory workplace culture.


Sync Up - Wine Down

Pull up a chair and join us in our home cities: Chicago, Houston, and DC as we host a social gathering of great minds committed to a liberatory culture and world. We’ll laugh, connect, and engage in liberatory discussion over light bites and cocktails. 

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