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Commitment to Surrender

diverse colleagues sitting around a table in a meeting

Recently, we had a colleague we love and trust read our Liberatory Culture Continuum™️ in order to give us feedback about ways we can better use this tool with our clients. This is a document that was co-created and channeled through each of us as a labor of love when we asked the question, “What does liberation look and sound like?” 


The colleague had many things to say, but one comment really resonated with me, “You are showing people a world that people haven’t seen yet and cannot imagine.” This same colleague, who exists in a white body, reflected on how after working with us and a partner organization, her whole nervous system was reorganizing. This is not unusual and is one characteristic we see regularly in our clients as they move closer to the experience of liberation. Their nervous system literally changes and reorganizes to hold more emotion and awareness and to be able to think outside of duality. We call this an upgrade. 


This is the work of liberation. It is an invitation. It says, “Do you see this new beautiful world that is possible? If not, let me help you see it, feel it, touch it.” Then, once a person, client, or organization says yes to this new world, they begin an alchemical process to release and reorganize everything that is in the way of this new world. This can be disorienting and scary. On the journey of creating liberation, we need support, we need to be held, we need each other and we need guides to give us clues along the way. Liberation is not a path that can be walked in isolation. 


For us, what we observe in our work is that the clients who commit to this process and see it through do not just transform, they are transfigured. An entirely new and different person, team, or workplace emerges. In that way, we see ourselves as Alchemists, transforming the lead of white supremacy culture into the gold that is liberation. 

Liberation is the “third way.” It is not white supremacy culture, and it is not just equity, it is the place that is revealed when we release our expectations of how things should be and allow ourselves to surrender to what wants to be created. Liberation is what is available when we surrender to infinite possibilities. It is my guess that when an acorn is planted it doesn’t know that its highest potential is to be an oak tree. I imagine the seed completely surrenders to the process with no idea that something so small has the potential to become so big. The vision the seed has for itself could never match the vision that life has for the seed. All that is asked of the seed is to surrender to the process. The same principles are true when any seed, or vision is planted. 

Surrender is the ingredient in the liberation process that allows for the alchemy and ultimately the transfiguration. Surrender requires trust. Trusting yourself, trusting others, but ultimately trusting the intelligence of the seed you planted when you committed to liberation. 


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