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The Power of Personal Rituals

A group of employees working together on a project.

We all know how life can sometimes feel so hectic and all-consuming. Building in a few moments a day or each week to create a personal ritual can increase your emotional intelligence, and help you attune to your own personal needs which supports your individual growth. Whether it’s a routine of daily journaling, meditation, prayer, or responding to a couple of reflection prompts—personal rituals can help you to center yourself, tap into that inner peace, reflect on how you are showing up, and/or offer space for personal healing. This supports your own mental health and personal wellness and can illuminate growth areas for yourself.

Here are a few questions you could build into your own personal ritual.

  • What emotions are most salient for me today and why?

  • How can I become more centered in my own values and ways of being?

  • In what ways can I show up more authentically and rooted in my values?

  • What is preventing me from being fully present at this moment? How can I honor where I am?


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