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Practice Your Value of Liberation

black woman meditating

In times of collective harm, here are some ways to practice your value of liberation by centering your own humanity and the humanity of others in crisis:  

  • Allow yourself to attune to the pain of those who have been harmed. Feel the grief, anger, rage, and allow it to move through your body. Allow your heart to break for what is occurring.


  • Increase the care of your body. In times of collective grief, we are each carrying more. We need to be honest about the rest, nourishment, and caretaking that we need.


  • Prioritize the humanity of the humans closest to you. Take more time to hug your family, bring a coworker coffee, or speak affirming words to strangers. Encourage and lift up the humanity of everyone you touch every day.


  • Lean into spiritual practices. Pray, meditate, and practice holding love consciousness in your body, mind, and spirit. Take responsibility for the consciousness you are contributing to the collective. 


  • Notice the ways you co-create “wars” in your relationships or perpetuate violence with your own thoughts, words, and/or actions. Be willing to disrupt this consciousness in yourself. 


  • Be discerning about the media you consume and share. Ask yourself if what you are reading or sharing centers on humanity or ideology.


  • Address collective harm in your local relational containers. Do the work to ensure that repair is happening regularly all around you. 


  • Ask yourself, “What is mine to do?” Each one of us has a unique role to play in the liberation and healing of the collective. For some it is calling politicians, for others it may be walking in a protest, for another holding vigil, and for another, it could be making art. There are so many ways to contribute and they all matter. 


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