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Observe & Choose Your Thoughts

Updated: Dec 12, 2023


This month’s Be Liberation practice is meant to support you when you feel very right about something, or your belief about something is causing you to suffer. This is an adaptation from Byron Katie’s work which you can find here.  

Step 1: Identify the thought you are struggling with. 

A: “My boss is not invested in my success.”  

Step 2: Distinguish between observation and perception. What events did you observe vs. what did you perceive?

A: I observed my boss give me feedback in front of my peers in a meeting. My perception was it was distasteful and inappropriate for them to give me feedback in front of others. 

Step 3: Consider other possible perceptions and ask how they could be true.

A: How is it true that my boss is invested in my success?

How is it true that it was appropriate for me to get feedback in front of my peers?

How is it true that I am not invested in my own success?


Step 4: Choose a commitment aligned with your value of liberation.

A:  I am committed to love consciousness and believing the best about others and myself. I am going to share my experience of receiving feedback with my boss with curiosity and openness, so I can learn from their perspective.


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