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Practice Surrender

rocks representing meditation balancing in nature

This month's Be Liberation practices are designed to help you feel what surrender looks and feels like in your body.

  1. Ask someone you don't know well or you struggle to trust to hold the full weight of your body.

  2. Do a trust fall as a team.

  3. Go on a walk with no destination. Follow your instincts, see where you end up, and what happens.

  4. Ask someone to blindfold you and help you walk through an unfamiliar terrain.

  5. Get a massage with the intention to feel surrender in your body.

  6. Write down any fears you have on paper and burn them.

  7. Choose an object that holds value to you and give it away to a stranger.

  8. Walk outside and follow your instincts and introduce yourself to the first person you feel drawn to.


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