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Disrupt Beliefs that Block Belonging

We are all impacted by the conditioning of white supremacy culture. Often, we center things like perfectionism, urgency, and control over belonging and trust. In order to create belonging in our schools and workplaces, we must notice and disrupt our tendencies to undermine our intention of belonging. When leaders say they are committed to belonging, but the people they lead are having a different experience, it is time to reflect on what mindsets, beliefs, or biases could be in the way of that commitment. Here are some questions to reflect on as you move towards creating more belonging….

  1. What would I see, hear, and experience from the people I lead if belonging was a living value in our organization/school?

  2. What do I see, hear, and experience now?

  3. What are the people I lead sharing about their experience? In what ways are they experiencing belonging? In what ways are they not experiencing belonging?

  4. What fears am I aware of when I really lean into my vision of belonging?

  5. Which of these fears are based on conditioning from white supremacy culture?

  6. What would I need to trust in order to lean into my vision of belonging and away from white supremacy culture? What would I need to surrender?


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