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PAN Practice: Pay-Attention-Now

At Lead For Liberation, we know that the consciousness we bring to our work is as important in creating liberation as the actions that we take. As a team, we are committed to consistent contemplative practices that support our beingness. These practices help us maintain and hold love consciousness, despite what may be happening around us.

Enter this Be Liberation practice: PAN Pay-Attention-Now

In order to center the voices and experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in spaces, we must be committed to using our self-awareness and emotional intelligence to track the racial and power dynamics that may be present in the space.

Step 1: Take time to intentionally observe group dynamics. (Who is present? What roles are people playing?)

Step 2: Notice group memberships (What identities are present? How do others identify themselves? How are you identifying others?)

Step 3: Identify Patterns (What patterns are occurring in the group? Do they mirror larger collective patterns?)

Step 4: Distinguish between observation and perception (Are you adding perceptions to what you see? What stories are you adding? What biases might be influencing your filter?)

Step 5: Describe what you see to others without adding a story to it to bring awareness to the group. (ie. I notice we are hearing from many of the same voices.)

Adopted from materials from Diversity, Equity, Inclusiveness Consulting which can be reviewed here:


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